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What Is Smart Contract

EZYTRX is a brand-new smart contract based global Crowd Sourcing platform programmed on the Tron blockchain with 100% decentralized revolutionary technology.

It is the first ever artificial intelligence platform of its kind combining traditional matrix and smart contract.

The system consists of pre-determined conditions to settle and execute all transactions automatically and instantly via the peer to peer system of payments in TRX only.

Our Features

Global Crowdfunding – Next Generation Platform

Disruptive Smart Contract*technology provides decentralized market users with the ability to directly engage in personal and business transactions. The EZYTRX decentralized matrix project's Smart Contract is available for public viewing on the Tron Chain

100% commission paid to you

10% commission paid to you

Simultaneous entry in both platforms happens automatically on registering
with only 1000 TRX – JOIN NOW.

Commission Distribution


100% commission paid to the sponsor for every member that joins the program.

50% commission paid to the sponsor of every member that joins at a higher level than you

Your entire network ALWAYS follow you in all steps even if you have not acquired the higher levels in the matrix

EZY 10

It is a 3 x 10 auto matrix where your referrals, down lines and spillovers are placed automatically following a top to bottom and left to right rule.

10% of all sales goes directly to you for every member that gets placed in your matrix, provided you own that step.

Your entire network ALWAYS follow you.

How EZYTRX will revolutionize the global crowd sourcing industry

  • 2020


    Market Research

  • 2020

    Formation of foundersteam Business plan

    Start of Platform

  • 2020

    Pre-Launch Phase

    Launch the
    Platform in
    Full mode

    Build a Massive Community Worldwide

Our Steps

There are 12 steps in the program, each subsequent level slot is more expensive than the previous one and profits are subsequently as high! You can activate as many levels as you wish at once but must buy all steps in order. You just buy EZY1 slot and EZY10 will be activated automatically.


What is EZYTRX?

Ezytrx is a global, new generation crowdfunding platform and the first ever smart contract of its kind in the blockchain of Tron cryptocurrency.

It is a software algorithm performing the function of a distribution of affiliate commissions between community members and the observance of certain conditions (based on programs EZY1 and EZY10).

Who owns EZYTRX?

What is a Smart Contract?

What is Decentralization?

How are commissions paid?

What is the risk of joining EZYTRX?

What personal information is needed to open an account?

How long can EZYTRX last?

What is the difference between EZY1 and EZY10?

How many steps are available to upgrade?

Can I upgrade my packages at any time?

Do I ever lose the people I refer to EZYTRX?

Is it compulsory to recruit to earn from the system?

Can my account ever be closed?

Is there a limit to the amount of TRX you can earn?

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